Company Profile

Columbia Seed Co. Ltd. was established in 1964. The main purpose then was the production of quality seed peas for the United Kingdom, Asia, and Europe. With changes in world trade over the past fifty years our company has had to change as well.

Our company established the green pea export standard for canadian green peas many years ago with our variety 'Radley'. Bred by Columbia Seed Co. Ltd. owners, Sharpes International Seeds in Sleaford, UK.

CSL is owned by Jörg & Petra Klempnauer of Vauxhall, Alberta, Canada.

CSL processes specialty legumes (vining peas seed, garden peas seed) and some cover crop seed for breeding companies and seed houses as well as peas, faba & broad beanss and mustard seed for human consumption.

Our specialty are marrowfat peas, this is to satisfy the quality and trust demanded by our Asian customers.

Our processing capacity is up to 12 MT per hour, bagged products or mini bulk bags from 25 to 1,000 kg per bag.

The equipment we use is the most modern and efficient on the market. Air & and screen unit running with 50% of its capacity, gravity and destoner units well equipped for any large and small seed, color sorting on every lot, not only when needed.

Our quality assurance is conducted at every entry point and during processing.

We are Contractors, Processors and Marketers of Specialty Agricultural Products located in Vauxhall, Alberta.