Buyers and Sellers


We encourage pre-order of your Marrowfat & Garden Pea requirements by December for delivery in the following year beginning September to ensure availability.

For details about current availability and what we have in our warehouse please call us at 1-403-654-2158 or 1-877-577-2158.



We are contractors with fixed pricing for Marrowfat and Vegetable Pea Seeds.

We are always looking for smaller sized seed production, 5-65 acres with premium pricing.

We are always looking for Faba Beans (high germination!), Chickpeas (Kabuli Type), Green Peas and Green Lentils. For information contact us at (403) 654-2158.

Supplying us with representative samples of products you have for sale will speed up the process.

If you would rather contact us by email please select either Jorg (Sales) or Petra (Administration) out of the sidebar to the left. Please contact us with any other questions if you are interested in buying or selling product at your earliest convenience.